Offers and features

Do you want to optimize the management of your workspaces? Gain agility and productivity by taking advantage of one of our offers. These include an onboarding tariff base, a flexible monthly subscription, per user and per sensor.

Your all-in-one app

100% tailor-made


Managing workspaces


Mapping your spaces


Analytics & Insights


Management of spaces and reservations


Supplied sensors


Priority Technical Support


Custom price


100% customer support


Access to resources


Custom development


Multi-building management


Possibility of custom sensors


and much more

The flex office
your solution of tomorrow

The main options

Mapping of spaces

Our developer takes care of creating the map of your places in order to integrate it into your all-in-one app. This card allows you to book a space and observe the occupation in real time.

Login to Apps

Synchronization and notification of the reservation on Teams, Slack, Google Calendar, Office 365, Hangouts, Email, SMS. There is no longer any risk of missing your reservation or meeting with all the teams.

Support available

DoFlex offers you support available 7 days a week for all technical questions and problems. We also support you in the implementation of our solution. DoFlex, a 100% human and dedicated customer relations service.

DoFlex sensors

Our sensors are 100% certified and reliable, easy to install. Not very talkative, they are optimized for very efficient network communication. Discreet, they adapt and can be placed on all supports.

Incident management

Declaration of a breakdown or incident (printer, screen, etc.). Your technician takes care of the repairs and you can follow the intervention until its resolution.

Admin and user interface

An interface dedicated to the administrator for the management and optimization of the flex office on a daily basis. The user interface allows employees to book online.

Access to resources

We provide you with a series of documentations and tutorials to use DoFlex with ease. For more technical points, our support is available.

All your stats

You receive all your statistics weekly or monthly to analyze your data. It is possible to customize them as you wish.

An optimized flex office

Integration with your hybrid work tools

In order to offer you an efficient and optimized solution, the DoFlex application integrates with your many work tools: Outlook, Google, Slack, Microsoft 365 … The reminder and notification system allows employees to manage work without stress.

Get started in the smart office

Take your business to the next level! Smart office management brings more satisfaction to your employees, saves money on the structure and reduces your environmental impact in the long term.


DoFlex is a company that is aimed at companies, office property managers and coworking spaces. We have developed a white label application to facilitate flexible working for employees. Thanks to an instant booking system, workspace management has never been easier

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