Asset Management

Artificial Intelligence helps you optimize your workspaces

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, our sensors make it possible to collect a lot of data in real time. From your administrator interface, you can observe the use of your resources, the number of reservations in the different spaces, the places little used… This data offers you the opportunity to optimize your workspaces, review the layout and implement actions to bring the best flex office and hybrid work experience to your employees.

A controlled occupation of the offices

AI at the service of your business

Do you have premises and want to optimize your workspaces for energy savings, better team cohesion? The DoFlex solution collects a lot of data with the installation of sensors in your workspaces: capacity of each site, average occupancy rate, number of teleworkers.

Thanks to weekly or monthly reports, you can observe and analyze information in order to manage and reorganize your spaces if necessary, while bringing more comfort to your employees. This can be the establishment of rest areas, a gym, a refectory if a floor is little used, or the creation of additional meeting rooms and collaborative spaces for the development of projects. So many solutions that can make your business evolve positively.

An optimized flex office

Integration with your hybrid work tools

In order to offer you an efficient and optimized solution, the DoFlex application integrates with your many work tools: Outlook, Google, Slack, Microsoft 365 … The reminder and notification system allows employees to manage work without stress.

Get started in the smart office

Take your business to the next level! Smart office management brings more satisfaction to your employees, saves money on the structure and reduces your environmental impact in the long term.


DoFlex is a company that is aimed at companies, office property managers and coworking spaces. We have developed a white label application to facilitate flexible working for employees. Thanks to an instant booking system, workspace management has never been easier

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