About DoFlex

Our history

Original. Friends separated by an ocean but who decide to embark on a common project. Our wish is simple: to support companies towards the work of tomorrow. Thus was born the idea of Doflex, a solution that will allow you to make the transition to a more efficient and fulfilling work for all.

For this, we have imagined a complete app where we master all the components we offer.

A difference that is our strength

We are a small team from different but very complementary universes. Engineers, designer, copywriter and salesman, we form a sum of skills covering a very broad prism.

DoFlex is a pioneer for your business. We sincerely believe that our project will offer you, employer or employee, a more pleasant working time, a more optimized, more agile space. The Flex office is the ideal hybrid solution to meet both the notion of productivity and efficiency but also sobriety and well-being. We carry the idea of offering you a “job experience”.

Presence sensors

We manufacture our sensors (generic or at the request of the customer in case of specific need)

A DoFlex app

We have designed and fully developed our booking solution, 3D card, Back office)

A human service

Our After Sales Service acquired in BtoC is human and pedagogue for all our customers.

Tailor-made projects

A tailor-made offer according to your needs whatever the size of your company.

A new mobility

DoFlex adapts to new issues

Covid has turned everything upside down. Is. DoFlex makes it a strength, an opportunity for you. We spend less time in the workplace. We might as well optimize this time. From home, employees will be able to define the contours of their day. I need this specific position, I need to organize this meeting with my team. All this becomes possible in two clicks and not even two minutes.

Create your flex office

Take your business to the next level! Smart office management brings more satisfaction to your employees, saves money on the structure and reduces your environmental impact in the long term.


DoFlex is a company that is aimed at companies, office property managers and coworking spaces. We have developed a white label application to facilitate flexible working for employees. Thanks to an instant booking system, workspace management has never been easier

The company


Doflex Lab – 2001 Boulevard Robert Bourassa Suite 1700, Montréal, QC H3A 2A6

Offices : Canada : Vancouver, Montréal
France : Antibes

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