The Flex Office

Why set it up in business?

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Covid. An infamous virus that has revolutionized our relationship to work. The resulting externalities are numerous. The first is the virtual generalization of teleworking. An advance appreciated by employees, allowing them to combine professional and private life more easily. If teleworking has been able to satisfy some of it, some have preferred to “drop everything” giving birth to the hype of the “Big Quit” (Great Resignation).This global phenomenon encourages business leaders to place wage well-being at the heart of their companies. The Flex office is part of the solutions to improve the “employee experience”.

Let’s take stock

What is flex office?

The flex office or free offices is a rather broad concept that can be vulgarly explained by a reorganization of the workspace. Going into detail, we quickly understand that the flex office goes beyond the abandonment of the personal office and significantly improves the professional life of employees. As we explain above, Covid has led to a desertion of offices linked to successive lockdowns. Some buildings crowded in 2019 are now sparse and obsolete.

For a company the question is simple: What to do with the now huge vacant office spaces?

The Flex office of course 😊

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The many facets of the positive impact of flex office

From a management point of view, the Flex office will make it possible to rationalize the real estate portfolio. Fewer square meters, less sanitized space where rows of desks or cubicles face each other. The premises can be redesigned to offer employees a friendly workplace. Warmer meeting rooms, rest rooms to reboost in the middle of the day and even game rooms that promote cohesion and atmosphere between your employees. 

On the ecological side, the energy reductions induced are very important, helping to make companies more responsible. Significant economies of scale at a time when energy is becoming a scarce commodity.

Another vision

Breaking the routine of work

For employees, the flex office is a blessing to break the routine. It promotes mobility. Each day that begins is really a new one, your office neighbors change according to your desires or your missions. If you find it scary at first to no longer have your personalized office, you will quickly realize that the pros outweigh the cons.

The world of work is changing. We can make sure that we accompany these changes. Reduce your land and energy bills, improve your CSR standards and above all offer your employees a work space where they will be happy to come every day or almost 😊

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Get started in the smart office

Take your business to the next level! Smart office management brings more satisfaction to your employees, saves money on the structure and reduces your environmental impact in the long term.


DoFlex is a company that is aimed at companies, office property managers and coworking spaces. We have developed a white label application to facilitate flexible working for employees. Thanks to an instant booking system, workspace management has never been easier

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