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An all-in-one solution to ease your transition to Flex Office.

Mobility, Agility, employee well-being : DoFlex supports you towards the office of tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence at the service of employees with connected presence sensors

Our technology
Sensors 100% made in DoFlex!

All our sensors are developed in-house by our engineers in order to offer you a 100% internalized flex office solution. We are your single point of contact for your all-in-one solution!

A personalization in your image
Adapt DoFlex to your business

We offer you an all-in-one and tailor-made configuration thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and our algorithms to adapt the operation of the sensors to your structure. We offer plans and features that meet your expectations.

The advantages of flex office

Smart booking

Optimized hybrid work

Our platform and our occupancy sensors are made available to your company to facilitate the daily life of employees in a flex office environment. Thanks to the application, they choose the time and day when they want to use a desktop and it freezes immediately. Workspaces are updated in real time for more visibility. For example, if an office is reserved but the employee does not show up, it will be available for another person. All this revolves around a green office objective, which saves resources and energy.

Smart meeting

Easy booking of meeting rooms

The management of meeting rooms is optimized and simplified thanks to the presence of sensors. You get real-time visibility into occupied and unoccupied spaces. Thus, it makes it possible to better organize collaborative work sessions. Syncing Outlook, Google, and other apps calendars provides more responsiveness in your business.

Asset management

Artificial Intelligence at the service of your company

The data collected makes it possible to optimize workspaces by sending weekly or monthly reports. The analysis of this information by managers makes it possible to reorganize the spaces in order to optimize the premises and bring more comfort to employees: creation of collaborative workspaces, rest room, cafeteria…

An optimized flex office

Integration with your hybrid work tools

In order to offer you an efficient and optimized solution, the DoFlex application integrates with your many work tools: Outlook, Google, Slack, Microsoft 365 … The reminder and notification system allows employees to manage work without stress.

doflex integration

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DoFlex is a company that is aimed at companies, office property managers and coworking spaces. We have developed a white label application to facilitate flexible working for employees. Thanks to an instant booking system, workspace management has never been easier

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